As we close out another year, and enter the next, Guilderhaven, Inc. would like to thank you, our generous community, for continuing to support the work we do on behalf of animal welfare. Without you we could not conduct low-cost spay and neuter clinics, provide medical interventions for the financially distressed, support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, or help educate the next generation of pet owners and animal lovers. Thank you, once again, for all you do. Guilderhaven wishes everyone – two and four-legged – a Happy Holiday Season and Healthy New Year.


Lowell Knapp

Lowell Knapp

Started Our Towne Marketing in 2005. In addition to publishing Our Towne Guilderland each month we also provide print and web design services. Serves as a Board Member with the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce and a Member of the Ethics Board for the Town of Guilderland. Lives in Guilderland with wife Kristen, son Ryan and daughter Kyra.