About Our Towne Guilderland

Welcome to Our Towne!

Our Towne is the premier newsprint tabloid publication in Upstate NY’s Capital District.  We are a free monthly publication distributed by direct mail, online and as a leave behind at several area businesses. Our hyperlocal content engages readers and produces strong results for our clients.

Our Towne readers are educated suburban families focused on living rich balanced lives. They put a great deal of effort into choosing what is best for their homes, their families and themselves. Their high household incomes give them the means to reach their goals.

Our position in the print advertising spectrum, between the weekly newspaper and the coupon mailers, is our competitive advantage. Our low-cost allows us to provide a higher circulation than a weekly newspaper and twice the frequency of a coupon mailer, while still mailing direct to homes.

With the increasing segmentation of advertising vehicles, Our Towne stands out.  Our low-cost, monthly frequency and hyperlocal content makes Our Towne a good fit for the small business with a limited budget, the mid-size company as a boost to their existing campaigns or large organizations as a test market for larger campaigns.

Our clients love Our Towne’s low-cost/high ROI, and we are pretty sure you will too! Please check out our site and give us a call. You can find Advertising Info here. We look forward to serving you.

Best regards,

Lowell Knapp


hyperlocal : noun, hy-per-lo-cal:

1) Hyperlocal content is characterized by three major elements. Firstly, it refers to entities and events that are located within a well defined, community scale area. Secondly, it is intended primarily for consumption by residents of that area. Thirdly, it is written by an individual resident in that area.