Guilderland Advertising Rates

Black & White Annual Prepaid Single
 Contract  3-Pack  Issue
Full page $3,600 $1,050 $420
Half page $2,100 $600 $240
Third page $1,440 $450 $180
Quarter page $1,050 $375 $150
Sixth page $900 $300 $120
Eighth page $720 $255 $100
Color Annual Prepaid Single
 Contract  3-Pack  Issue
 Full page $4,800 $1,275 $510
 Half page $2,700 $750 $300
 Third page $1,800 $525 $210
Quarter page $1,500 $450 $180
 Sixth page $1,200 $375 $150


Color Annual  Prepaid Single 
Premium Positions  Contract   3-Pack   Issue 
 1/3 Page Front Cover n/a $1625 $600
 1/6 Page Front Cover $3,000 $950 $350
 3/4 Page Back Cover $5,520 $1625 $600
 1/4 Page Back Cover $3,500 $1100 $400
 1/3 Page Back Cover $2,600 $825 $300

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American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards Accpeted.
American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover Cards Accepted.


Feature Q & A

Our Q&A feature stories are the centerpiece of our neighbor-to-neighbor philosophy.   These stories turn our readers into your customers—and into your Salespersons, generating excellent word-of-mouth wherever they go— increasing your loyal, customer base.  The Q&A you submit will also appear online further increasing visibility and reach.

We’ll e-mail you a series of questions designed to tell your

story which you answer in a way that highlights your business.   Feel free to re-write or change the questions to better suit your story.   You e-mail the completed questionnaire back to us with some photos of you and/or your business.  It’s that simple.  We will format the content and photos to  fit the Our Towne layout.

Reserve your Feature Q & A for $300  


Expert Columns

Many advertisers find that writing an expert column is an excellent way to educate readers and establish their businesses in the community.  Column space is available for professionals to write about their field of expertise. Expert Columns are guaranteed exclusivity for the duration of the agreement.

Half page: 3 Pack $525/Annual Contract $1800

Full page: 3 Pack $1050/Annual Contract $3600


Business FOCUS

Need to get the word out about your business? 

New Product or Service? Upcoming Event?

Use your latest Press Release or our Business FOCUS Q&A template.  This feature is a half page black white vertical or horizontal space will fit roughly 500 words with a couple of images.

Half page: $200  *restrictions may apply


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