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Margaret TabakMargaret C. Tabak has been an attorney since 1988, starting her career in Schenectady and moving her practice to Guilderland in 1995.  The law firm is located in Great Oaks Office Park (near Crossgates Mall).  Margaret counsels clients in all matters related to matrimonial and family law.  A resident of Guilderland for more than 25 years, Margaret received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Albany and her law degree from

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Golden Years?

Guilderland, NY – Often in divorce cases the retirement assets are the most financially significant ones, and cause a great deal of negotiations and back and forth as the Participant (the one who is receiving the benefit) does not want to distribute a portion to the other spouse (Alternate Payee), and tries to hold on like the captain going down with the ship.

Is Love Better the Second (or third) Time Around?

Is Love Better the Second (or third) Time Around?

Guilderland, NY – Everyone walks into my office and tells me they will never get married again.  Statistically, that’s probably not true.  Even if you don’t remarry, many people will enter into relationships again, whether long term or short term ones.  I often send my clients into the dating world with a discussion about the birds and the bees.  While this may seem humorous, I will outline pitfalls that even


Guilderland, NY – I often deal with cases that could be resolved faster, less expensively, and with far less acrimony if the motivation behind the case was something other than regret, and trying to Monday morning quarterback your life. I can promise you that litigation is not a cure for regret. Think of these instances: 1. Poor Investment– If you or your spouse bought swampland in Florida and have now

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A get-your-hanky-out book and movie; or What you should be using to keep track of expenses; or All of the above. If you picked #3, you are correct.   A well-kept notebook, in my line of work, often avoids the use of your hanky.  Parents who are apart often have to share expenses.  Some of these are statutory, health insurance, medical expenses, and child care, while others may be agreed

Tying the Knot

5 Important Things to Know Before Tying the Knot

Guilderland, NY – We often discuss issues that arise when there is marital discord.  But, as summer is wedding season, it is important to think about the issues that should be considered before you get married?   Marriage is a social and financial contract for which the law provides certain benefits and burdens.  Before you make such a serious commitment to another person, you should (minimally) have the following 5

Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

This often-used phrase means: To cause unnecessary harm to yourself for the sole purpose of spitefully causing damage and destruction to another person.  When couples are breaking up it is common for one or both to catch a case of cutting-off-your-nose-to spite-your-face-itis.  This disease causes singlemindedness- to hurt the other person . Often this comes with a side effect of not  taking into consideration the consequences of one’s actions on

Wedding Primer

Guilderland, NY  – We know that spring is upon us (sort of) when the annual wedding planner insert arrives in our newspaper.  There are articles about planning a wedding, and advertisements from dress shops, caterers, etc. One article that recently caught my attention was a timeline of items to take care of in the six months leading up the wedding- when to book a place, order flowers, and so on. 

But how do we divide the holidays?


Guilderland, NY  – Each year around this time Courts are inundated with parents bringing proceedings as to how to divide the holidays. Under the best of circumstances, holidays create stress; people are busy, there are financial issues and, especially with a recent separation, many painful emotional issues.  In order to save yourself, your children, and your family a lot of money and aggravation, take these suggestions to heart: 1.  Have

The Dream Client

The Dream Client

Guilderland, NY  – Many of you remember the “Dream Team” that represented O.J. during his trial.  While opinions may differ about why O.J. was acquitted, I believe O.J. won because of the quantity of the representation, not the quality.  Basically, for two years nine lawyers and their staff focused only on O.J.’s case. After 30 years, I still have not had a client walk into my office with a blank