BE YOU. Do not waste a single moment on negativity

Guilderland, NY – As I grow older and slowly get closer to testing for the level of Grand Master, I spend an increasing amount of time reflecting and contemplating my life and life in general. I have been reflecting on the things I have done, in certain interactions with others, both recent and long ago. I have been especially interested in the ways I have reacted or behaved in uncomfortable situations. During this reflection I often encounter memories of situations followed by dissatisfaction with my behavior. No Negativity!

I typically do not overreact in situations, I under-react. Overreacting is usually bad for those around you. Under-reacting is usually bad for you. Suppose you are at a gathering and a person you know says something that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe it is even a comment that is derogatory or sarcasm to another. You let it go, maybe move away, keep the peace. Maybe you are thinking that your perception is wrong or that it’s ok because they are just joking, especially since some of the people around are laughing or nodding. Maybe even the person to whom the comment was directed seems fine. I can remember this happening to me many times as the subject and the observer.

The realization of this character quality of mine has caused change, a positive change as I grow. Whether we are white belts, blackbelts, masters or grand masters, we all grow. The point here is that I have realized that in the past I yielded to my discomfort and let things go when I should not have because I was in what I thought was a welcoming, friendly environment. We tell our children to stand up and say something when they see someone bullying rather than ignore a situation. We encourage them to recognize and react to bullying or negativity, rather than letting it go. The argument that everything and everyone seems fine is not valid.  People are very good at hiding their reactions, especially when they are the victim. If you are uncomfortable, there is a reason. Since there is a reason, say something or do something. 

You may be with someone that is close in some way and you want to keep the peace. That’s ok, tell them you are uncomfortable, don’t be nasty, be respectful but honest. If they really are as close as you perceive, they will respond and change. If they can’t handle that and they react poorly or continue simply don’t see them. You must cut out the negativity in your life. Just be you. You don’t have the time to experience negativity. If you find yourself participating in events with people that you do because you always have but the experience is often negative, that means you are there because you feel like you have to be, not because you want to be. Cut it out of your life. Be you and stop being what you think you were supposed to be. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and what you can do. Focus on your family and the positive ways you grow together. Do not waste a single moment more on negative situations. Reflect, be confident, say something, be you.

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Rob Rice

Rob Rice

Master Rice owns Guilderland Martial Arts and holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Master Rice is also a Math teacher at Guilderland High School. Guilderland Martial Arts offers classes starting at age 4 as well as an afterschool program and summer camps. For more information please call (518) 690-1269.