Streaming Comes to GPL!

It’s a new year, so what better time to introduce an amazing new service?  Starting in January, GPL will offer an on-demand streaming service, called RBDigital, to our patrons!  RBDigital will allow Guilderland card holders to stream several kinds of great content to their computers, tablets, phones, and smart TVs.  There are four main subsets of content available to RBDigital users:  Indieflix, Acorn TV, Qello concerts, and The Great Courses.

Indieflix is a great source for independent films, documentaries classic films and short films.  Qello is a source for concerts and documentaries in basically every genre of music:  Rock, jazz, hip-hop, country, reggae, opera, gospel, world music, and many more.  A check on Beatles films, for example, currently includes 22 documentaries and concert films, the latter being mostly of the four Beatles as solo performers.

Acorn TV is your source for great, and extremely popular television shows from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Spain, including Agatha Christie’s Marple, The Poirot Collection, Midsomer Murders, Queens of Mystery, and many, many more.

The Great Courses Library Collection includes hundreds of courses on history, economics, mathematics, science, literature, music, philosophy and religion, food, wine, nutrition and health, among many other topics.  Instructors are chosen to participate as teachers of The Great Courses according to their ability to engage and teach the subject matter.  So it’s not just great subjects, but great teachers as well.

Click here to visit the Library website and get started!

How can you take advantage of all we offer?  Call today to set up a one-on-one session with a librarian on Wednesday afternoons.  Bring your library card and mobile device to the appointment.  Arrangements for another day / time may be made, subject to availability.

2020 is a Census Year

The 2020 Census is closer than you think! Here’s a quick refresher of what it is and why it’s essential that everyone is counted. The census counts every person living in the U.S. once, only once, and in the right place. 

The Constitution mandates that everyone in the country be counted every ten years. The results of the census are used to reapportion the House of Representatives, determining how many seats each state gets. Also, state officials redraw the boundaries of the congressional and state legislative districts to account for population shifts. The Census will also impact the Albany County Legislature, NYS Assembly, NYS Senate and other districts.

Completing the census is mandatory, and is a way you can participate in our democracy and say “I COUNT!”  The library joins the Town of Guilderland in encouraging all residents to respond to the Census.  The library benefits in many ways from having an accurate count of the number of people living in our service area.  Basically, the higher the population number, the more federal dollars benefit our library and our community.  2020 Census data will be the basis for our services for a decade—an undercount would impair our ability to be the best library we can be for the coming decade.

April 1, 2020 is Census Day, the nation›s once-per-decade, constitutionally-mandated count of every American, regardless of their citizenship status.  Our friends at the Guilderland Central School District report that there are an astonishing 58 languages spoken in the homes of GCSD students.  An accurate count of all who call Guilderland home will be of great benefit to our community.

The Census will impact federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and our community.  By responding to the Census, you help our community, (and our library) receive its fair share of the more than $675 billion per year in federal funds spent on schools, libraries, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs.  The library uses our baseline population as the basis for grant applications and planning for future services.

Local households will receive a notification about the Census count between March 12-20, 2020 with information on how to go online and complete the Census questionnaire.  This is the first Census that will be mainly completed online rather than in paper form. You are encouraged to complete the online questionnaire; however, you will also have the option to respond via phone or by completing and returning a paper Census questionnaire.  All information gathered in the Census will be confidential.

The library has nine public computers, great wifi for those who bring their own devices, and a helpful staff of reference librarians eager to help local patrons access the census online.

In April, 2020, Census workers will begin checking in with households who have not completed their questionnaires and will be visiting college campuses, senior centers, group homes, etc. 

The Census Bureau is collaborating with the Town, Guilderland Central School District, Guilderland Library, Altamont Library, Guilderland Chamber of Commerce, and other community-based organizations as a Complete Count Committee to help all households complete their questionnaire and ensure that everyone feels safe doing so.  

In addition to being a vital part of our efforts to improve our community at the local, state, and national levels, the Census Bureau is also a good source of short-term employment.  The Census Bureau has information about Census-related jobs at: https://2020census.gov/en/jobs/pay-and-locations/new-york-map.html.

Please join us in our efforts to make everyone count in the 2020 Census!

Tim Wiles

Tim Wiles

Tim Wiles is the Director of the Guilderland Public library, and was Director of Research at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum from 1995-2014. He lives in Guilderland with his wife Marie and their son, Ben, who attends Lynnwood Elementary School. He is active with Guilderland Cares and the Guilderland Library Foundation.