Tribute to Mr. McPherson…

A Beloved Student

This month I honor our beloved student 

Mr. McPherson who has recently passed away. 

For the last eight years he has been a valued member of our martial arts community. 

He has helped and encouraged countless students in their pursuit of excellence. 

Indeed, he has selflessly improved all of our lives with his great character and positive attitude. 

I know quite well that his contributions extend well beyond our community as well. 

The world and especially his family, will sorely miss him, but he will truly live on through his works of kindness. 

I have experienced this first hand and find I have become better in many ways because of his positive encouragement and attitude. 

Today we mourn his passing but tomorrow we celebrate his memory, his accomplishments, and his contributions.

Guilderland Martial Arts - Mr. McPherson
Rob Rice

Rob Rice

Master Rice owns Guilderland Martial Arts and holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. Master Rice is also a Math teacher at Guilderland High School. Guilderland Martial Arts offers classes starting at age 4 as well as an afterschool program and summer camps. For more information please call (518) 690-1269.